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Its story about Alexander Kosasih, a middle aged man from Bandung who got stucked on deserted island because of his crime. He punished for 20 years sentence and time flies so fast at this island. After 10 years, The only things that Kosasih have are his family picture, his Wife and his Daughter. and he really miss them so much. One Day the Jail Door open and he suddenly can go out from his jail. But something strange happen. Nobody here's at all, not a single human, not a single animal. Remain Kosasih alone at this island. In very limited time, Kosasih must find out a way to escape from lonely deserted island full of trap no matter what. And Kosasih Goal are to create a boat and run away from this island, meet his family again. But his expectation are real different compare to what his found in reality. His Wife and Daughter already leave him, forgot him and have happy life with another man. His world changes a lot in beetween 10 years in prison and Kosasih heart really broek and have no reason to life anymore.
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