FRAGMENTS. Lost and searching for a meaning. It decides to take a journey in searching for it self. During it journey, he collects memories which helps him to know itself more. In the end, it will know what it is. The player, you, will be a flying creature. You have to choose between
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Android device, iPhone
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This game was built unsuccessfuly.


We are sad to annouce you that our game did not be built successfuly due to several errors came from compiling Standard assets scripts during building.

You will find in the link the project. You can run it and edit it ONLY on Unity3d.

The project is created in Unity3d version 2018.3.2f1


Thank you "Unity" for the game engine and standard assets.

Thank you "Mixer" for the live streaming which kept us in touch with our friends and family.

Thank you "Haithem Chirane" for the model.

Thank you "Oussama Seddiki" for the designs.

Thank you GGJ for the event.

Game Stills: