Finding home: my own body

You find yourself in a strange body in a smart home. Everything is set up perfectly for you...even if you don't think so. Find out how to find home in your own body.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Sonic Pi, Audacity
Installation Instructions: 

No installation needed


Original idea in the Finnish Global Game Jam 2019 - Tampere, by Laura Blanch Osset, Agnès Suhonen, Hanna Tuominen and Kari Tuurihalme.

Laura Blanch Osset ([email protected])
Agnès Suhonen ([email protected])
Hanna Tuominen ([email protected])
Kari Tuurihalme

Sound creator and voice over:
Agnès Suhonen

Asset Credits:
-    Bedroom (Khor Chin Heong)
-    Kitchen v2 (Jerad Bitner)
-    Coffee Pot (S. Paul Michael)
-    Milk (S. Paul Michael)
-    Sugar Bowl (Eoin O Sullivan)
-    Window (Justin Randall)

Jarlan Perez:
-    Home doormat
-    Towel and Towel Rack
-    Wide Dresser

 Poly by Google:
-    Armchair
-    Bathroom
-    Coffee Plant
-    Door
-    Message Board
-    Mugs
-    Remote Controller
-    Shower Head
-    Sofa
-    Table
-    TV
-    Umbrella Palm Tree



Game Stills: 
Source files: