Find The Red

Where is the red hiding? Red symbolizes love, warmth, positivity, strength, and most significantly, deep impression. Home, is more about personal feelings and even spiritual comfort. It is secret, and intimate. It is about to be expressed, but hidden in the heart. Try to use the most concise picture effect to let players explore the game world. The core of the game is to find the red in the scene, through interaction and puzzle solving to promote the development of the game plot. Black humorous style, fresh and fantastic puzzles, metaphorical open plot. 红色藏在哪里? 红,是爱,是暖,是积极,是力量,是深刻的印象。 家,是独属于某一人的精神慰藉,隐秘,亲切,呼之欲出,深藏在心。 尝试用最简洁的的画面效果让玩家探索游戏世界,核心玩法是想办法让画面中出现红色,通过交互和解谜推动游戏剧情发展。 黑色幽默的风格,清新奇幻的谜题,隐喻开放的剧情。
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 




Wang Jing - Game Designer, 2D Artist

Peng YiWen - 2D Artist

Tan Ting - 2D Artist

Chen Wei - Audio Designer, Level Designer

Jiang LingXiao - Programmer

Li JingQi - Programmer




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