Escape to the Conch Shell

A battle for life or death, can you take the last shell on the beach? This two player game incorporates fun mechanics and shared keyboard controls to create a chaotic, fun filled game for two! May the best hermit win! Controls: Player 1 : wasd for movement. Player 2: arrow keys for movement. Shared keys: The keys that appear on the screen next to environmental objects are shared between the two players. Experiment with the keys and see what does what. Goal: Your goal is to get the shell that spawns on the map and hold onto it for 10 seconds without the other player jumping on you.
Jam year: 
Protect the Oceans
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

A Melbourne GGJ 2019 Game, proudly made by: Programming by Mitchell Bell and Richard Gubb Art by Sara Dimech-Betancourt and Sinead Dowding Production and UI by Sarah Crowe Music & Audio by Tamara Partridge, Jake Olver and James Gales

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