——control—— Use "Up", "Down", "Left" or "Right" to move. Use "Space" to confirm. 使用键盘的方向键移动;使用空格键确认。 ——introduction—— It is a very short game, or more like a story, trying to give every player a selection about "what is home to you". 这是一个十分简短的游戏,或者说更像一个故事。我们希望在游戏中让每个玩家都可以选择他所认为的家的样子。 ——details—— At the beginning, you need to move to the right, to escape from the "monster", since it would catch you back to where you started. 游戏开始时,你需要向右移动来躲避“怪物”,因为如果不这样做,它就会把你抓回最开始的地方。 You may get some items from the map. Meanwhile, you will broaden your sight, and the happiness number will increase (to express that at the beginning when you know more of the world and be more happy). 你会在地图上找到一些物品,获得它们的同时,你的视野将会变得开阔、幸福值会提升(来表达你对这个世界了解的越多视野越开阔、越开心)。 You run and run, and finally will come to a place which indicates you are "free", because that "monster" will not chase you anymore. Your happiness and sight will be the greatest. 你不停地逃跑,最终到了一个地方时,便获得了“自由”,因为这时怪物再也不会追你。此时,你的视野和幸福值都会达到最大。 If you continue your travel, you may find a [map] (represent experience), and you may find yourself confused. It seems that you miss something, and do not know where to go. 如果你继续前行,就会发现一个地图道具,同时会感到很困惑。你觉得自己好像在怀念着什么,不清楚自己该去哪儿。 If you go on, then you may get something else (a [reward] and a [crown], which represent career and power). At the same time, your happiness will go down, but you can get items to fill it. 如果你依然继续,你可能会发现其他的东西(一个奖章,代表事业的成功;和一个皇冠,代表权势的顶峰)。同时,你的幸福值会下降,但你可以通过获得物品来填充它。 The choice you need to make is which time to get back, or never be back. We make three endings that each one represents a kind of choice. There is no good or bad between each ending, we hope our players may get some ideas that what is home to you. 你需要做的抉择是,何时回去,或者不回去。游戏一共拥有3个不同的结局,分别代表着一种选择。结局没有好坏,我们希望玩家们可以通过不同的结局来思考人生中家对你到底意味着什么。 ——something else—— There are still some bugs in the game, and the core game-play is not interesting. Besides, because of our lack of experience, the theme we want to express is not easy to get from the game, which is why I write so many details above. We feel really sorry about these. If we have time, we may try to make this game more interesting in future. 游戏中还有许多bug,核心玩法也并不是很有趣。此外,由于缺乏经验,我们想表达的主题在游戏中很难清楚地理解,这也是我在上面写了大段文字细节的原因。对此我们深感抱歉。如果有时间的话,我们会试着将游戏变得有趣。
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

——team members——

Programmer: Ge Xuanqing, Zhang Yuheng
Artist:              Feng Kexin
Designer:        Li Yunpeng

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