Your are a dorm manager, where you need to place the students to the right places for their needs. There are habits and requirements for each students that come to the dorm: Sound Sensivity: Students can be noisy or prefer silence. If you put them side by side or into the same room, they will not be happy. Cleaning: Some students can be messy compared to other ones. Try to avoid them or do not put them into the same room with the meticulous ones. Room requirement: Every students wants different rooms. Sometimes they want single, sometimes double and sometimes 4 - people rooms. You need to set them according to their requests. If two people that have different habits are in the same room, they start to lose morale. This happens on side by side rooms as well. You need to be very careful about placements of the students. Controls: Mouse Right Click on student: Opens the ID card of the student. From here, you can accept or decline a student. If a room assigned to them, dismiss them from the room. Mouse Drag: Drag students to rooms after accepting them. 'W': switch to the upper floor. 'S': Switch to the ground floor. Hover on students that are noisy: You can hear what they are playing :) I hope you enjoy our game!
Jam year: 
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just unzip and double click Doorm.exe!


Game Developers: 

- Hakan Soyözen

-Kemal Çağlar Güler

2D Artists: 

- Berkay Ercan

- Mesut Kebapçıoğlu


-Yamanefe Uğurlu

Game Stills: 
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