Don't mess with the Frog!

Build a home for Frogster. The PC Player has an isometric view of the world, and they can place objects onto the map. Get Frogster new furniture and make an accommodating home. Frogster is a VR Player who can also help build the home, but the only catch is that Frogster has a Katana that can slice up everything and shoot fireballs. Asymmetrical VR Multiplayer. Chaos.
Jam year: 
Virtual Reality platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and open the .exe!
Local Multiplayer: one player will control the PC. The other player will control the VR device.

[PC Controls]
- Left Click on a furniture piece on the UI to select it as your Furniture Piece
- Left Click on the Grid to place the Object
- Scroll to Zoom In and Zoom Out
- Move your mouse to the corners to Pan Move
- Press Spacebar once to disable Panning. Press Space again to enable Panning.
- Hold LEFT CONTROL and start Scrolling to rotate the camera
- Right Click on an Object to Select It
- After selecting, Press DEL to delete the object
- After selecting, Press S to enter Scale Mode. Press Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows to Scale in the direction. Press Q or E to scale on the Z Axis.
- After selecting, Press M to enter Move Mode. Press Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows to move the Selected Objects.
- Hold SHIFT and Drag Your Cursor, then Left Click Quickly to Spawn Multiple Objects.
- Press the R button to Reset the Scene and select a different map.
- Music and SFX only plays on the VR device

[VR Controls - Oculus Rift]
- Grip Buttons to Grab Objects.
- Push into Your Left Analog Stick to Open your Left Pointer.
- Push into Your Right Analog Stick to Open your Right Pointer.
- Trigger click your Left Pointer to delete an Object.
- Trigger click your Right Pointer to place an Object on the Grid.
- Press the X Button to Open the Menu in front of you. Use your Right Pointer to click on a Furniture Piece.
- The Menu must be Off to place Objects into the world.
- There is a Katana on the map that you can use the Grip Buttons to Grab.
- Thrust forward with the Katana to shoot a Fireball.
- Put your Off-hand on the Katana and Slash horizontally to shoot a different Fireball. Fireballs delete objects.
- Hold your hands up, hold the Grip Buttons, and Pull Down with Momentum and let go of the Grip Buttons to jump.

PC player will have an over-seeing isometric perspective. The VR player will be First Person.


- Bryan Cisneros

- Leo Ferare

- Jess Jue

- Ilana Katz

- Huy Le

- Michael Lagomarsino

- Carlos Nieto

Game Stills: