Don't Call Me Late for Dinner

You are a Mother... Your family seems to have forgot you are having a nice family dinner tonight. Your husband says he is working late at the office to close a big deal with a foreign client. However, you know family is more important than money. The school called and your son is in detention for getting in an altercation with another kid. They will not be home in time for your normal 5:00 dinner time. You must pick up your family and bring them home before 5:00. You must start cooking dinner before you leave, or else it will never be done in time. If they are not home by that time, your goose will be cooked. Time is Tick'n you're Cooking the Chick'n! Don't Take a Break, you're searing the Steak! Do you Accept your responsibilities?
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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