To Do: Call Home

Our game is a visual novel told through a character's cellphone. The game simulates a standard smartphone interface and tells the story through various apps. For example, character interactions are shown through the text message app, while the story progress is logged through the main character's "To Do" app. The game follows our main character in the point of their life when they left their small town in Pennsylvania for a developer job in the city of LA. Through their experiences, we see what aspects of home one might miss during such an adventure.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Download Unity 3D Personal version 2018.3.3

Open project

Open the scene Chapter1 in Assets/Scenes/Chapter1

In the Game tab set a custom display ration of 720 x 1280 and select that



Production / Design / Programming / Artist - Natalia Efremova

Programming - Nicholas Lee

Programming - Christopher Paz

2D Art & Design - Courtney Chaves

2D Art - Shannon Harris

Sound Design & Music - Omar Costa Hamido

Built using Unity 3D version 2018.3.3

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