The game "De/escalation" is about how to resolve a conflict. The player steps in the shoes (or heels) of a random character that tries to resolve a conflict with a loved one. The player does so by trying to match the other person's emotions and contain them. The goal of the game is to calm the other person so they feel understood. thus, providing them a place to belong. Instructions: The game is a matching game that combines a button mashing mechanic that deescalates the situation. In order to play, the player needs to match the emotions of the character across by mashing the matching arrow keys. Each arrow key is a type of calming strategy that matches a feeling of the other character. Mismatching will cause the situation to escalate faster. If the player fails to deescalate then than the situation blows up.
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Keep it simple
Happy Anniversary
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Used MS Paint (Windows 10 and XP), Adobe Photoshop.
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Just press the exe file and play :)



Sebastian Krauss

Samia Rachid

Shai Amoyal



Daniil Khokhonov



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Minecraft Font by:

Craftron Gaming


Special thanks to Jens Piesk, Nicole Karl, Nitish Misra and Nurogames GmbH

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