Cube, sweet cube

The game starts with the player controlling a cube object located in the enemy territory being populated with spheres. While exploring the hostile environment, the player constantly comes across tablets containing fragments of the story of the cube’s home and his past. Once the first several fragments are gathered, the player understands that he/ she must kill the enemy spheres and use their loot to build a bridge from the hostile world to his homeland. The cube can kill spheres (each having a different color) only by attaching a cone to himself and hits the enemy spheres with it. The color of the cone indicates the color of the enemies that can be killed by it. The differently colored enemies have different behaviors associated with them, so the player must have different strategies for dealing with each of them. Once the enemy sphere is destroyed, it will leave loot for the player to take. Once interacted with, the loot will automatically fly to form a small part of the bridge needed by the cube to go back to his homeland. The aim of the game is the player to find all the different colored cones to kill the corresponding enemies so that the cube can go back home. Since the weapons are hidden, help to the player will be given when the last gathers voiced/ written riddle the answers of which will help you find the needed weapons.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Keep it simple
Thomas Wasn't Alone
Mind over matter
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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3ds Max