Couch Brawlers

Mom just finished watching her Soap Opera, now you can watch your favourite cartoon! Problem is, all your siblings had the same idea. Brawl with your siblings for the remote. As you hold it, a bar with you color fills, when it is full (after 30 seconds holding the controller) you win. Grab pillows (RB or LB) and hit your siblings with them (LT or RT). If the sibling with the remote is hit, he or she will drop the remote. When it happens, just run into it to grab it, and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! XBOX Gamepad STRONGLY recommended. 2-4 Players
Jam year: 
Always Room for One More (Sponsored by Origin Access)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

From left to right:

  • Lucas Rosa - Effects
  • Fábio Froes - Code
  • Felipe Borba - Modelling, rigging and animation
  • Nicholas de Lucca - Design and Production

Out of picture:

  • Leonardo Lima - Music and Sound Effects
Game Stills: 
Source files: