Copsing Mechanisms

Copse (n): a stand of trees and shrubs; a place in the forest where a complex community of lifeforms can be found. When a tree dies, that which composes it does not simply disappear. Everything returns to the soil eventually, yet the soil itself never stays the same. When a person fails, they do not walk away from their failure emptyhanded. Instead, they now carry new memories; new patches of rich, dark earth ready to grow new trees and support new dreams. If home is a place within the heart, within our dreams, it will be shaped by our memories. How do those memories change home? Can home grow from damaged soil? Should it? In Copsing Mechanism, players interact with natural elements of a forest, attempting to find home by growing trees. This game hopes to explore themes of memory and iteration, especially how experiences throughout our lives affect our future ability to grow and make our own homes.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Eric Pugh - coding, UX design

Feygon Wyllow - coding, writing, design

Jonathan Minnamon - coding, audio engineering

Rose Hall - Art, writing

Peter Karman - Music and sfx (

Dr. Halley Farwood - design consulting, social research

featuring the voice talents of Janine Beckford, Seth Callahan, Kiki Coker, Melanie Creel, Oliver Hall, Annastasia Lawson, and Tyler Mata.

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