Circle Back Home

Theme of GGJ2019 - "What home means to you" It means so many different things. For us it is a place to come back when you leave it. Cause you need it. It is you comfort zone. It's where you feel safe. This is a story of a drunk guy that woke up in a place where he does not know. One thing for sure he knows how to get there. Cause somehow we all made it home when we are ridiculously drunk. He has to trust his instincts. He has to trust you. But some thing is definitely wrong. How To Play 1 - Click / Tap on the screen to start moving. 2 - Click / Tap again to generate a new circle. Repat Step 1 & 2 Avoid stones, trees, cars, holes, dogs and building. Try to reach your home without harming yourself. Puzzle Design Challenge - Remember "Slinky" our game mechanic is based on its radial movement. Happy Anniversary - Out game mechanic is also close to previous years GGJ theme "Transmission".
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Puzzle design challenge (Sponsored by Red Bull Mind Gamers and The Tetris Company®)
Happy Anniversary
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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- None
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- Unzip and run exe
- Play it on


Basaran Badur - Game Developer
Tuna Pamir - Game Designer / Artist

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