Cira's Sanctum

You are Cira, a Fei - a shepherd of the forest, the guider of spirits, and living creatures alike. Welcome back to Sanctuary. You have been away too long. The world has changed, but you can bring back the forgotten and lost. To start the growth a new. Find harmony with your runes, and the woodsprites will return. They have heard you come, now all you need to do is light their path home. Cira’s Sanctum is about being the guardian of a place where all things are welcome, a place of warmth, acceptance and beauty. How to play: Hold down [Mouse Button 1] to move around. Use [Mouse Button 1] to pick up runes, and position them around Sanctuary to form Fey-lines - lines of power which radiate outwards. Combine different runes for different effects. Tend to the world, and enjoy the serenity of Cira’s Sanctuary.
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Expand file, execute ForestHome.exe file to run


Game Design: Team Kotikivi: Sampo Besmond, Toni Aittoniemi, Jonas Klar, Josianne Konttinen, Jouko Loijas, Mikko Karjanmaa

Game Logic: Jouko Loijas, Jonas Klar, Toni Aittoniemi

Code: Toni Aittoniemi, Mikko Karjanmaa

Graphics & Textures: Jonas Klar, Josianne Konttinen

Sound Design: Sampo Besmond, Josianne Konttinen

Music: Elie Abraham, Sampo Besmond

Sleeping at the Venue: Toni Aittoniemi, Mikko Karjanmaa

Thanks to Games Factory for the venue & Supercell for the swag & food.

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