Mama is about to come to check your room and she wants you to clean it. Given her overdramatic attitude, if you don't do it on time she will beat you up with her flip-flop known as "chancleta", as inspired by Latin American life experiences.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

This game is created and developed by the team during Global Game Jam 2019 in Kiel, Germany

Chancleta is created with the CC (Creative Commense) License

Chancleta is created by:

Gioia Arieti - Writer and Artist

Hans August Kirkemann Friis - Level designer ([email protected])

Philipp Busch - Programmer

Daniel Salazar - Writer and Artist

Mia Skovgaard - Character designer ([email protected])

Music: "Brazilla" by Mia Skovgaard





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