Capsule 31

You wanted to visit your auntie who happens to live on another planet. So you book the cheapest ride you can find with a company called SureFire Travels. It is a cryo flight, so you won't need much luxury, if only there weren't all the interruptions and problems that you have to fix along the way. At least SureFire Travels compensates you with furniture every time you fix one of those problems and you can make your new home a little bit more comfy. Keyboard W A S D and Mouse. Click to interact with things (pick up, put down, climb ladder etc.). The computer will contain the error code and the handbook (besides the computer) will contain what to do. You can use Q and E to switch pages in the handbook. Don't forget to put the handbook down again (where you picked it up) when you are done with it. The game has no ending, but you'll run out of space to put all the compensation gifts sooner or later at which point there is nothing to do anymore.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Dominik Schneider, Patrick Wachowiak, Kevin Hofner

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