The Bulbul in the Lantern

This is a short interaction I dedicate to the bird that made it's nest in the Chinese lantern in front of my house. The story: Said bird is a Yellow Vented Bulbul. I had fun watching the bird laid it's eggs, raised it's birdling, and saw one of the birdling's first attempt of flight (Which is certainly fated to fail for most birds). My dog mauled it to it's demise unfortunately as the birdling lands on the floor. Surprisingly, I believe the same bird has come back and built a nest in the same lantern again. =========== CONTROLS: Press left or right to the bird around Press space to make the bird brood the eggs =========== Have fun!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract and play GGJ2019.exe


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Oori, Twitter @oori_tenn

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Shawn Beck, Twitter @Shawnbecktp

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