A Blueprint for My Home

Two players fight for building blocks to see who can build the best house in under two minutes! Bonus points are awarded for joining pieces together. This game requires two controllers. To begin the game, the two players must hold the A button for one second. Building blocks will appear from the sky and drop on the floor. Use the left control stick to move your character. Pick up blocks by moving towards them and pressing A. Move to your designated build area and drop the blocks by pressing A. You can place roof blocks on top of regular blocks. You can place blocks anywhere, except on the other player's building area. You cannot remove blocks from the other player's building area. Roof blocks that are placed on the floor do not award points.
Jam year: 
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Autodesk Maya 2018 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the zip file, then run "A Blueprint for My Home.exe" in the "A Blueprint for My Home" folder.


Copyright 2019 Marco Jonkers

Blocky Characters - Kenney (www.kenney.nl) - Creative Commons Zero (CC0)
Modular Buildings - Kenney (www.kenney.nl) - Creative Commons Zero (CC0)
3D Road pack - Kenney (www.kenney.nl) - Creative Commons Zero (CC0)
3D Nature pack - Kenney (www.kenney.nl) - Creative Commons Zero (CC0)
Noon Grass - HDRI Haven (hdrihaven.com) - Creative Commons Zero (CC0)
FREE Keyboard and controllers prompts pack - xelu, OpenGameArt.org (opengameart.org) - Creative Commons Zero (CC0)
TextMesh Pro - Unity Asset Store (assetstore.unity.com)

InputManager - Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Cristian Alexandru Geambasu([email protected]) (github.com/daemon3000/InputManager) MIT License



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