24 hours in Manali

24 hours in Manali is a text game that relies on making decisions on how the player chooses to spend 24 hours in the town of Manali. The day is split into 4 parts: work, post-work relaxation, dinner, and sleep. Decisions made in these 4 parts of the day affect 4 metrics, they are hours, money, happiness and guilt. The player's decisions have different payouts for each of the 4 metrics. If he chooses to stay within the bounds of the law, occupations give him lower payouts but also lower guilt. If he chooses to break the law, he receives high payouts but also builds up guilt. The objective of the game is to spend 24 hours on activities in the town of Manali but to also end the day with a level of happiness, low guilt and not have an empty pocket. The game is a simple 2D text-based game with only the up/down arrow keys to move between decision options and the enter key to make a selection. If the player exhausts his 24 hours without getting enough sleep, he loses the game. Similarly, if the player breaks the law on multiple occasions, he will lose due to guilt. The secret is to ensure a sweet balance in how the day is spent with each hour in the day accounted for.
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
The game 24 hours in Manali is built using a custom C++ engine. The entire game is made using C++ and incorporates some data-driven elements which use XML.
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The project should have a Run directory with the .exe files for the game. There should be no setup required, just click on the .exe and start playing!


Pronay Peddiraju - Game Designer and Programmer

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