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None (2000 for bedroom)
Open for entire 48 hours (Gate is locked during the night)
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Global Game Jam 2017 Okayama will be held at the same location in   GGJ16, and GGJ17!

2018年1月11日未明(10日深夜)に参加ウェブサイトをオープンしました.  下段の「Local Registration Website 」から申し込んでください.

直前勉強会 : 2018/01/20(土) 13:00〜 岡山駅近くにて  ゆるゆるもくもく勉強会 in 岡山 を開催します.

Operated by 中四国ゲームジャム実行委員会 with the help of Okayama Unity community, Kibi International University, and Game System Design Lab.

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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18+ only

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1. To accumulate knowledge 2. I will head to the examination site so that I do not lose my knowledge 3. Please do not slide with banana peel in the way 4.
This is a 2D game where a manufactured "Slime" try to escape from a plant via a duct. The Slime has an ability.
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