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Open for entire 48 hours
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We are the Video Game Students Association (in spanish: Asociación de Estudiantes de Videojuegos, AEV). AEV is a recently founded nonprofit association that works in Spain with the aim to participate with international institutions and associations to achieve his goals. As it’s written in our articles, these are our purposes:

- Help to everyone who wants to learn about developing video games, from the amateur ones to the professional who wants to know more about his field.

- Boost the video game development through collaborative work.

- Stimulate the contact between video game students and professionals in the industry.

- Promote the video games as an art and culture form.

- Be a meeting point between people interested in developing video games.

- Incentivize the investigation and experimentation in video games.

- Advocate the ethical development in video games.

- Special interest about video games which offers disabled aid and pedagogical content.

- Help the associated to find employment in video games.

- Collaborate with associations, academies and public or private entities to achieve our goals.


The event counts with the fund and collaboration of LasNaves Institution:

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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18+ only

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"Overcharge" is a 2-player competitive game about two astronauts fighting for survival in a remote planet. The objective is to destroy the enemy ship by throwing the energy core into it.
Debriefing; Alerta nvl 4: *Comunicado cifrado: Acceso restringido nvl 4 - Información clasificada - “Destruir después de leer”* - Código Clave: Caso “00V”- *Usuario Autorizado: 00V.
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