The Art Institute of Portland with The Portland Indie Game Squad

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Come to our Global Game Jam 2018 showcase on February 12th!

Find full official registration & tickets, scholarship details, and full event logistics at

We have room for up to 100 jammers; additional participants may jam remotely.
Teams will be formed on site at the beginning of the event, though you are welcome to come with your own team pre-formed.
All game mediums are welcome (board, video, traditional).

Mark your calendars for Monday, February 12th for our post-jam showcase event! That event will be free and all ages for all to enjoy games made the weekend of the jam. Details will be posted at shortly.

This GGJ-hosted website is reserved for participants on-site the weekend of the jam. We will allow jammers to sign up up to a week before the actual jam event.

For more information about the Portland Indie Game Squad, visit



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18+ only

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