Do you have an expensive keyboard? DO you want to play a game thats made in 45 hours? WEll we have the game just for you!!!11! ~~Pass the note to pass your exams!! But don’t drop it, or Miss Bingy will KILL us all. -Your Friend, Jonny.~~ Play as a class of students that are eager to graduate together without studying!!!11! Control the collective hivemind of these impressionable boys by transmitting messages from one end of the hall to the other! Each boy correlates directly to a key on a keyboard. Nimble fingers are required to perform well and get good grades. Fumble. drop, and go fingertip-to-fingertip in this 2-Player game!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Isaac Chan ----------------------------------- Producer / Gameplay Programmer

Lloyd Cai Wang Yang ---------- Game Designer / Gameplay Programmer

Jovi Tan ------------------------------ Gameplay Programmer / Game Designer

Uriel Tan ---------------------------------------------------------------- Environment Artist

Jewell Popp ------------------- Character & VFX Animator / Game Designer

Sheng Yi ------------------------------------------------------------ UIUX Designer / Artist

Benjamin Lam ------------------------------------------------------------ Sound Producer

Additional credit to David Chew, who made our BGM, thank you!

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