Your bloodline must subsist through generations

This game is an arena-typed game where you control a creature and its descendents. You have to make his bloodline last as long as possible through generations, by increasing his abilities to face the evolving world around, and reproducing with the right creatures to transmit the best genes to your child. You can fight to level up and increase your combat abilities, or reproduce to avoid the effects of times on your body.
Jam year: 
AUDIO - A Bold Choice
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

/!\ Only on Windows for the moment /!\
The game's goal is more like a sandbox; You can choose to reach the best level, to equally balance your generation number and your level, or even try to create the perfect creature.

There are bazillions (including a lot of similar colours :P, without there are only a thousand ) of different creatures, made by combinaison of dozens of heads, a dozen of bodies, a bunch of legs and colours. Each creature have unique stats and can transmit it through generations.

How to play:
ZQSD or WASD: move
left click: attack
right click: reproduce
space: dance


Simon Gigant : game design, programming, art, animation, music

Théo Robles : additional art

Marie Smolinski : game design, programming, art, sound design

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