You Shall Path

This is a cooperative digital boardgame for four pals where the players are against the board, trying to escape. Each player will act on their own boards, moving things around before switching boards around. Where one player was next to the exit on their previous board, maybe in this one they're actually in a pit of acid? *Rules* You have a 5x5 board with rooms and paths that your token can go through. Your objective is the bright card, it's your exit from this labyrinth. Imagine that you are clones, stranded across dimensions. If one of you dies, you all die. If one of you doesnt make it out, it's like none of you have made it out. At the start of your turn, the *board* itself will act and modify itself. It can do one of four things: Slide a row by one, slide a column by one, change the entrances to a tile or put a trap on a tile. Then, you get to act! First, draw three cards. You can choose from the Token actions pile (which involves actions related to your token) or the Board actions pile (moving the board around). You can play up to two of these cards on your turn. If you play a movement card, you must perform all the available movements before you can do anything else. If you stay on a trapped cell, you will take one damage. Just crossing the cell is okay though. Once you've done your two actions, press the "Pass board" button to pass your board to your friend. You will get a new board from another player. On this board, you will land in the same location as you were on your own, so take care of where you'll land. Communication is key! Tell other players where the exit is on your board, maybe they can reach it or modify your board so that when you get it back, YOU can get out. On this new board, you start over from the top, still trying to reach the exit.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Please extract all the files in the same folder. Double click on the .exe file to launch the game.



Aurélien Plantard - Developer

Adrien Ronté - Developer

Léo Pierot - Developer

Viviane Bicaba - Artist, rules balancer

And many many many thanks to Charlotte Couder and Mari-Lou Boisaubert

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