You are a brave miner who has decided to save the lost children of his village from the dangerous creatures of the caves known as Yokai. Using your equipment, explore the murky mines carefully so you do not become another victim of the Yokai. Instructions: [W] [A] [S] [D] ==> Move the miner Left mouse click ==> Flash ON/OFF Right click ==> Turn radio ON/OFF Exit your elevator, take a child and take it to the elevator. Repeat the process as often as you can, without letting the yokai catch you. Your flashlight allows illuminate the darkness to explore the cave. Your radio will help detect children and detect the elevator on return. But be careful! These things can attract the Yokai.
Jam year: 
ART - My eyes are my ears
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download zip file, extract, then run the game.

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