Words are Hard

Who hasn’t been in that situation, where you were struggling to find words? When, for example, you’re stressed out being interrogated or talking to your first date — Words come out wrong or not at all. Words are hard. With this game, you can help individuals work through those tough situations. Navigating electrical impulses through your brain, you have to find certain „right“ words and actions (fields marked in bright color) in a specific timeframe while evading bad, ‚problematic‘ ones.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Animate CC Audacity Most graphics are handdrawn. Written in C#
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How to Play

To Succeed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Watch out for the Synapse-Indicator at the bottom of the screen. It shows how many synapses you will pass, before a word will automatically be spoken.
  2. You can control the electrical impulse by tapping on a node, that is adjacent to the node you’re already approaching, before(!) you reach said node.
  3. Reach the highlighted nodes at the right time, to say the appropriate words. Win at life by handling most of the interaction correctly.

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Code & Unity Stuff: Benjamin Lemcke

Illustrations: Alejandra Beyeler

Texts, Story & Sounds: Eleonora Kolari

Concept, Graphics, Minor Unity Stuff: Sebastian Imbach

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