Voyager 2763 A.E.

In the far future (2763 After Earth [A.E.]), humans have fled Earth because of environmental destruction and have moved to a new planet that is far from its star (Pluto). This planet is a frozen wasteland that is extremely dark, it is assumed that the colonies on the planet have only just started appearing. Your job as the player is to find out what happened to a colony that is no longer responding to other colonies’ messages, and has gone completely dark (Voyager Base 163). Shadowy creatures native to the planet have taken over the colony and have disabled almost of the light sources in it, these creatures can be harmed by the character’s light-based rifle, the Lumos-121, and are scared of bright light sources. We incorporated the Transmission theme by making the Light Rifle able to transmit light, and absorb light. To expel these creatures, the player must kill the Queen, whose life essence is tied to all the living shadow beasts, thus ending the game. WASD to move. Left click to charge the Lumos-121; release to fire. Right click to absorb light into the Lumos-121.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
3DS Max, ZBrush, 3DCoat, Substance Painter, Google Drive.
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download the .zip.

2. Extract the folder to where you want it.

3. Open the folder named "WindowsNoEditor" and click the Executable.

NOTE: Also we forgot to add the ability to quit the game, so use Alt + F4 or Task Manager to quit.

NOTE 2: Source code could not be included due to it being over the file size limit. Here is a Google Drive link to the source code:


- Concept Design:

    - Jonathon Haverkamp - Story, Creatures, Mechanics.

    - Jessica Kloski - Color scheme, Environment, Story.

    - Brandon Jobson - Weapon design.

    - Chas Randall - Story.

- Programming:

    - Brendon Gerzel

    - Evan Crutchfield

- 3D Art:

    - Jonathon Haverkamp - Buildings, Props.

    - Natalie Rogers - Flying enemy.

    - Spencer Shipp - Ground enemy, Queen enemy.

    - Jessica Kloski - Houses.

    - Cameron Zeter - Town hall, Research center.

    - Jordan Bischer - Props.

- Texturing:

    - Pedro Rossi

    - Jonathon Haverkamp

- Unwrapping:

    - Pedro Rossi

    - Jonathon Haverkamp

- 2D Art:

    - Nathan Michell - Title screen.

    - Jessica Kloski - Title screen.

- Audio:

    - Nathan Michell

- Writing:

    - Jessica Kloski

    - Jonathon Haverkamp

- Organization:

    - Nathan Michell

- Project Manager:

    - Pedro Rossi

- Credit to the people who made base assets:

    - Bird_man (Lumos-121 Charge)

    - Dark Ambient (Monster SFX)

    - lewis100011 (Lumos-121 Fire)

    - LiamG_SFX (Lumos-121 Absorb)

    - ThrillShowX (Horror Ambience), Uniq (Title/Credits/etc. Music), and Lennox Compositions (Combat Music) were dummied out, sadly.

Game Stills: