Turbo Germinator

It is year 2020 in the distant future. The world is in shambles. The once celebrated band of heroes, known only as the Band of Heroes have joined forces with evil terrorists who are planning to assassinate the president. You are Cybermite Systems series 800 Germinator, the deadliest nano warrior known to man. You were sent back in time to hunt down your old friends one by one and save America. And to prevent the 4th world war. Know your enemies! Intensive Care Bear Eventually the horrors of war caught up with this grizzly old combat medic. ICB left the army honorably discharged, a broken, grumpy bear. Flamin' Joe If you want to fly and see the world in pink, Flamin' Joe has the stuff. He's one smooth bird, but he's not going to quack his way out of this mess. Tom O'Hawk The leader of the Band of Heroes, Tom used to be a true patriot until terrorists hacked into his brain and defiled it with neo-communist propaganda. Anastasiya Marina Raspopov World-reknowned bio hacker who manipulated her own genes and vanished after a successful heist. She can hide, but she definitely can't run anymore.
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ART - Stranger Things
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
NARRATIVE - Unbranching?
NARRATIVE - Hidden Depths
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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PhotoShop, FL Studio, Synth1
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Turbo Germinator ReadMe

Installation: extract and play .exe


The goal of the game is to finish all four levels. Each level works a bit differently; when playing a level, see the right hand panel to see your mission.



- Arrow keys work during the game and ARE THERE FOR CHEATING -- use them to get out of sticky situations such as bugs only.
- Press H+O+P simultaneously to finish the level.
- Press H+L+T simultaneously to get lots of health.



- Press Left control + Escape to quit the game. Well in theory -- turns out that's a special combination in Windows.

- Arrow keys left+right to choose your next victim.
- Press space to continue.

In-game keys in levels with gravity:
- Use A+D to move left and right while airborne, and along the ground when on ground.
- Press Q+E to rotate.
- Use W to jump.
- Use S to stick to the surface you're on. Handy for climbing walls and such.
- Use the mouse to aim and shoot your laser.
- Press Esc to restart the level.

In-game keys in levels without gravity:
- Press Q+E to rotate.
- Use W to fly.
- Press Esc to restart the level.


Known bugs:

- The final build does not actually seem to include the code that restarts the level when you press escape. If you get stuck, to repeat, either kill yourself or just finish the level by cheating.
- Sometimes when you start a level, you cannot move. We don't know why.
- In Tom O'Hawk, sometimes when you die, the hole appears immediately when the level is loaded. (Seems to be a bug in Unity in OnDestroy.)


Game play programming / Level design: Ville Salo

Random programming / GUI: Joni Uitto

Graphics + awesomeness: Tuuli Hypén

Musics und sounds: Jakke Suominen

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