Train of thought

Welcome to our game "Train of thought!" You are Stuart's brain. Stuart's brain has allways found it somewhat... challenging... to find the right words for different situations. Stuart has managed, though, but today your skills are really put to the test when Stuart has managed to land a date with a potential partner: Jessica. You controll the electrical signals inside Stuart's brain by looking at the path you want to take in an attempt to find the right answers to what's happening around Stuart. The game is best played using Tobii Eyetracker, but you can also use a mouse if you don't have the right equipment. We hope you enjoy the experience and manage to help Stuart in his endaevours!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Eye tracking equipment, Unity (any product)

Project idea and lead: Oliver Korssjøen
Lead programmer: Eirik Gjeruldsen
Tobii Eytracker and cutscene integration: Bård Ræstad
Menu and particle programming: Fredrik Olsen
Characters and animation: Camilla Wevang and Hanne Thomassen
Graphic design and art: Ole Gunnar Stensrud and Oliver Korssjøen
Level design: Eirik Gjeruldsen, Fredrik Olsen and Oliver Korssjøen

Voices: Stuart - Oliver Korssjøen, Noel - Ole Gunnar Stensrud, Jessica - Camilla Wevang, Tutta - Ole Gunnar Stensrud.

Music: "Sci fi" from "April fools day" from

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