A game about espionage and ice cream. You're a spy, attempting to identify your target by listening on random conversations throughout town. Your surveillance van is disguised as an ice-cream van to maintain your cover. There's only one problem. There are TOO MANY KIDS. Frantically hurl ice cream at hordes of ravenous children while simultaneously attempting to track down your target. If you don't deal with the kids quickly, or if you misidentify your target, the mission is lost. Controls: RT: Accelerate LT: Brake/Reverse Left Stick: Steering Right Stick: Aiming & shooting Ice cream LB: Scan for conversations/play ice cream Jingle/Hack target (when all vehicles are in range) "J" - Add an additional player to the game Instructions: Objectives: Drive around town, intercepting various transmissions with your spy vehicle disguised as an ice cream truck. You must locate and hack the correct target, identified by their usage of a certain codeword in their communications.(e.g. "bananas") Scan for conversations with LB, aiming with Right Stick When you find the correct target, drive up to them scan them Dangers: While scanning, your tracking device is masked by an Ice Cream Jingle. This will attracts many ravenous children hungry for ice cream. >The children will leap onto your truck, slowing it down and causing damage. >Distract the children by firing ice cream with RB >Turn off your scanner to not attract as many children Win/Lose Conditions: Win the game by getting within range of your target and scanning them until the bar fills all the way. If you stop scanning, the bar will decrease If all vans are destroyed by the children, or if you hack the wrong target, the game is over. Multiplayer: This game supports cooperative play for up to 4 players. With controllers already connected, press J to add each player to the game Pros: >Friends can heal damaged/destroyed vehicles by shooting ice cream at them >Friends can pull children off other vehicles by firing ice cream and playing their Jingle nearby Cons: >Multiple players scanning at once can be distracting, making conversatons hard to listen to. Coordinate and communicate with each other to ensure you're not getting in each others' way >In order to hack the target, ALL players must hack at the same time. Check the green light on the back of the truck to see if you are successfully hacking the target
Jam year: 
DESIGN - Nem tão próximos
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip to a folder on your desktop

Plug in up to 4 xbox controllers

Run the Executable

Press J after launching to add additional players



Amanda Cheng

Hannah Watts

Bryn Elliot



Bianca Iancu



Max Charnock

Jimmy Whitemore

Ross Furmudge



Paul Crabb



Simon James



Emma Berry

Jordan Hildrew

Tom Elliot

Jake Rowe

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