Toilet Paper, PLEASE!

TOILET PAPER, PLEASE! is a lightning fast shape and colour recognition game in which four players connect their smartphones to find and exchange household items that are usually nowhere to be found in times of need. A toilet paper roll, a tv remote, a corkscrew and a wallet appear one at a time, in different colours, on the screen of each player. The player cries out the name and colour of the object on screen so that the other players can individually compose the correct colour-object match on their mobiles and send it to him/her. To make the experience more challenging, players don’t take turns: the whole process of requesting and giving is simultaneous for all participants. Sharpen your powers of observation and reflexes to be able to satisfy your and other people’s needs! Kindness, combined with good listening and communication skills, allows you to achieve victory by earning points each time you send or receive the correct match. But be careful, it’s a race against the clock: to win the game you must reach the highest score in the time given!... Are you ready to try? ~●~ FEATURES: Fast pace local 4 players multiplayer | Competitive and semi-collaborative action puzzle game | Excellent for testing the chemistry between you and your friends | Play on smartphone (requires online connection) | Time-limited | Unique sound effects | No lootboxes!
Jam year: 
That Kind-a Game - (Sponsored by iThrive)
AUDIO - Beatbox
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Illustrator, After Effects


GAME DESIGNER – Filipe Vecchi Raposo Pereira Baltazar

2D ARTISTS – Daniela Sonia Pessot, Giulia Zoccarato

WRITER – Chiara Morelli

PROGRAMMERS – Giammarco Agazzotti, Luca Gatti, Davide Della Casa Venturelli, Gabriele Della Casa Venturelli


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