Theory of Light

In short terms a minimal "Survival / Clicker" game combo. The idea behind ToL is to make white survive the dark. In digital design principles color white is generated with 255 Red / 255 Green / 255 Blue. This game focued around this concept. Players sends R-G-B beams to the center Light Core to keep it at white. Each beam has a value, refresh and a bounce rate. When the Light Core is at white state it generates Light consumable to upgrade "Value", "Refresh", "Bounce".
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ART - Well-Rounded
DESIGN - Power down
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)

Game Design + Game Art - Tuna Pamir

Game Development - Sercan Muhlacı

Location - GGJ 2018 Istanbul - Bug Game Lab

Streamed the whole fun [at]

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