Tag You're Lit

Tag You're Lit is a cute and spooky, competitive 2-4 player top-down round-based game where you rush through a ghost-filled haunted house while fighting over a flashlight for survival. In this game, all players are stuck in a haunted mansion. Only the one with the flashlight can leave! Each round contains one flashlight. Players begin at one entrance of the room and their objective is to get through the door with the lit flashlight. When you have the flashlight, you can shine its light on other players to swarm them with ghosts. If you get hit by a ghost, they grab you and slow you down! Players can dash into the person with the flashlight to cause them to drop it, and grab it for themselves. Players can hide behind furniture and dash into them to move them! The transference of the flashlight will determine who wins! Features: - An interesting transference mechanic that's never been explored - 2 original soundtracks! - All art assets were created by the team and all models were hand-painted! - 4 custom characters, animations, and over 18 custom models! Controls: Left Joystick - Movement Right Joystick - Control Flashlight X, Y, B, or A - Dash Awards: Won Best Audio at USC Global Game Jam Site
Jam year: 
ACCESSIBILITY - Basics covered
ART - Well-Rounded
ART - Stranger Things
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Use mouse for navigating menus and 2-4 XBox controllers to play!

James Collins - Programmer

Aimee Zhang - Designer, Artist, Producer

Timothi Lim - Designer, Art Importer

Justin Lu - Designer, Artist

Satrio Dewantono - Designer, Artist

Jerome Ching - Programmer

Aaron Ishibashi - Composer


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