Switchy is an couch multiplayer, alt ctrl game. No need for dozens of xbox controllers : you play with your phone ! Race against your friends, or the people you just met front of the screen, be the fastest tortoise, the most agile controller builder, the master of the switches and win the race... There's only one catch : your controller will build itself with the bonuses and maluses you will meet in game, and at any time, there is a chance it is going to be swap with any other player. Will you transmit good controllers ? Or will you purposefully build lame ones to disadvantage your opponents ? Disclaimer : the uploaded game is what we achieved during the global game jam timeframe. To our knowledge, it is not playable, but can still have a look on the nice visual assets and audio we put in this game. We might update a better version later if the website allows us to, if you don't find anything here that looks like it's working, google us or check our itch.io !
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Uses Happy Fun Times to run on your smartphones !
Installation Instructions: 

It's a Unity Game, like there are thousands for the GGJ website :

put the exe file near the data folder and execute it.

You will need to have a local wifi network available in order to connect your smartphone to the game. Web address to reach the controllers is happyfuntimes.net


Aurélien, Maxime and Lucile worked on that game !