Switchboard Operator

Congratulations! You have been hired as a switchboard operator in your hometown! To successfully complete your job, you should follow the following guidelines in handling an incoming call! Once a call is on its way, you will receive a small note on your table on the left. This note will inform you of the line on which the incoming call will be. The lines are on the bottom of your switchboard and are numbered from 1 to 8 from left to right. Once you have no further need for the note with which you have been provided, you can move it to the trash bin on the bottom left of your table to reduce clutter on your table. Next you will need to drag the active line to the unique port on your right. Once you flick the switch on top of the port, you will be connected to the caller. Wait patiently for the caller to explain their agenda and to where they would like to be connected. The caller will most likely offer you a street name, the name of the callee, or the number they are trying to reach. You will need to use the equipment laid on your desk to determine the port to which you should connect the active line. Once you have determined the district to which you should forward the call, you can use your switchboard chart to determine which ports can be used for the purpose of forwarding the call. At this point, you can connect the active line to the appropriate port. For each call you have correctly forwarded, you will receive a payment of $1.00. For each call you have forwarded to the wrong district, a sum of $0.50 will be reduced from your pay for the extra work you have caused. While the call is connected, the light of the port will be on. During this period of time, you cannot unplug the line. Once the light starts blinking, the call is over and it is safe to unplug the line from the port. After this, the light will turn off and the line can be used again. ATTENTION! KNOWN BUG AND FIX: When throwing number cards in the trash, they will eventually stop spawning. Do not dispose of number cards to prevent encountering this bug.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Aseprite, Photoshop, Visual Studio
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Unzip and run the executable


Jenni Lehmonen - graphics

Kasperi Ekqvist - programming

Markus Sukoinen - sounds

Matti Mänty - graphics + programming

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