Static Breach

Everyone listens to a voice called The Message. It tells you what to do. Because of a short circuit The Message stops and you find yourself in control of your own thoughts. The only way to help the others following The Message is by switching off the terminals throughout the building. The Message is looking for you however. Static Breach is a quick paced stealth game, where you avoid the eyes of an entity called The Message controlling all of humanity. Levels have a number of control terminals which need to be switched off. Guards patrol the corridors, trying to take you down as soon as they see you. Can you wake up humanity? Control your character's movement with the WASD keys. Press E to interact with doors and control terminals.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Rando Wiltschek - Programmer
Jip Sterk - Programmer
Mitchel Bonnema - Artist
Nils Slijkerman - Artist
Friso Roolvink - Level Editor

Game Stills: 
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