It is a brief demonstration of the combat system a hack and slash fantasy game . The story revolves around a youth who has lost his memory and finds himself on a river bank . The protagonist then recalls his skill with a sword leading to flashbacks from how he ended up on the river bed , seeing the face of the antagonist . Eventually , the protagonist finds his home village which is now in ruins plundered by the antagonist , a necromancer along with his family . Now seeking revenge , the protagonist must fight the antagonist . In this quest , the player will have a choice to acquire one out of two abilities , both of two different natures , good and evil . These abilities allow "Transmission" of energy from the player to the enemy and vice versa . The good abilities are based on self defense and the evil ones on manipulation of the opponents . These abilities impact the player's personality . At the climax , if the count of good abilities are greater than bad then the player sees the good ending and vice versa . In the end the protagonist recovers part of his memory along with part of his personality but is also influenced by the powers he acquires thus, not being the same person as before . But is the protagonist a hero or a villain that lies in the player's hands... In this demo , the player has two powers - Ability "A" - The way of the serpent . This ability will siphon part of the enemy's health into the player in the next successful strike on the enemy . Ability "B"-The way of the lion . This ability doubles the damage the player inflicts on the enemy but this power has a drawback . The ability also weakens the player's defense (doubling the damage received) . This lasts for 5 seconds . To select an ability , hold Q to open a circular menu , and click on the highlighted ability to select it . Press right click to activate the ability . The Green bar represents the player's health . The blue bar represents the player's power meter . This generates very slowly so be judicious in each use of the ability . The red bar represents the player's stamina . This needs time to regenerate so keep a distance from enemies when this meter is low . There are a lot of collider and friction based glitches in the level and the only way to quit this game is to close the application for now . This was because of unexpected bugs in exporting from Maya and in the combat system .
Jam year: 
NARRATIVE - Hidden Depths
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just run the .exe


Programmer  -Vageesh Bhardwaj

Modelling Artists - Akil Kannan , Subin Kumar

Texturing artist - Chris Anderson Luiz

Story has been developed by a contributuion of the entire group