Sparky, a sentient spark, brought to life by pure chance on a an abandoned ship during a storm! We follow his escape from the ship into the wider world, where he'll have many future adventures! In this 2D puzzle game you will... traverse, possess and dash from electical object to electrical object making your way through the abandoned ship! Be careful, however, stay away from a source of electricity for too long and poor little sparky will fade away... Possessable Objects Include: Computers Lights Orbs Forklifts Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys - To Move. E - To Possess Object. Left Click and Mouse - To Select an Object To "Dash Possess"*1. Spacebar - To Initiate "Dash Possess"*1. R - To Reset Level ESC - To Exit to Menu. *1 - "Dash Possess" is the act of Using the mouse to target another possessable object while possessing an obeject, and quickly dashing to that object and possessing it.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
LMMS for music, PhotoShop for art

Developers - Jordan Whittle, Binaan Wohlrab, Nathan Blyth, Govind Venkatesh.

Artists - Julia Pardo, Boshidar Hristov, Daniel Almond.

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