Space REIKAI Rocket

STORY: Aliens and ghosts love each other. However, their loves are never transmitted because they live in each different dimension. But don't worry, there is the only one way to transmit their loves. That is you!! The way is that, firstly, control the special rocket and carry an alien on it. Secondly, catch a ghost and launch the ghost up to the space by the special cannon. Lastly, catch the ghost up by controlling the rocket boarding the alien. When the mission is success, TRANSMISSION of the impossible loves become achieved !! Now, you have the special controller in your hand to do the mission. They need your help, do it now!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Our own controller using Arduino with electronic circuits. The cover of the controller was designed by CAD software and shape the design by a laser cutting machine.
Installation Instructions: 

Install Unity and Open the Executable File.

Play it on Unity and Start by press L key on Keyboard.


Rocket Control: W, A, S, D (Up, Left, Down, Right) 

Rocket Accele: J

Ghost Catch: K

Launch Ghost Up: L


erenyx : Programmer

G-REN: Sound Artist

Takuya Kishikawa: 3D Graphics Artist

Kondo Ryutaro: 2D Graphics Artist

Kayoko Windle: 2D Graphics Artist

Kosuke Kaneko: Hardware Maker