Space Civil Defense Force

"This is a Space Civil Defense Message from the Space Civil Defense Force." Play as a Civil Defense Spaceship transmitting evacuation warnings to planets of the impending doom wave while dodging asteroids and taking out enemies. *Controller Required* Mission Instructions Goal: As a member of the Space Civil Defense Force, warn as many planets as possible about the impending supernova explosion! See how many lives you can save! Controller Left Stick - Control Spaceship Right Stick - Control Satellite Dish Left Trigger - Fire sonic energy beam. Deflect small asteroids by firing an energy beam Right Trigger - Fire warning signal. Warn planets by firing a warning signal to them. The more people you warn the higher your job satisfaction. A button - Boost ship Space Dangers Supernova -. Avoid the incoming space explosion! Keep flying right! Planets and large asteroids - Avoid these or you’ll get explode! Small asteroids - These slow you down! Shoot them with your energy beam. Job Performance Your job performance is measured in Lives Saved. See how many people you’ve saved!
Jam year: 
AUDIO - Beatbox
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip into its own folder and run the Exe file.


Game design

Barnabas Soon

Michael Rosenbaum



Michael Rosenbaum

Mikko Mali



Gerard Lituanas



Sound effects and foley: Barnabas Soon

Crowd Screaming: Sound effects obtained from

Music by Monplaisir

Menu Music - 01 - Komiku_-_24_-_Time_to_go_to_space_now_.mp3

Level Music - 01 - Komiku_-_30_-_Escaping_the_Collapsing_Universe.mp3

Level Music - 02 Komiku_-_44_-_Time_Attack_against_the_universe.mp3

Level Music - 03 Komiku_-_58_-_Universe_big_takedown.mp3

Scoring 01 - Komiku_-_43_-_Travel_to_the_Horizon.mp3

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