Topic: Text signal transmission among planets In the future life, some human move to others for living, and due to the long distance among planets, people need to build signal tower in different planets in order to transmit, to communicate with those who lives in another planets. In this game, people need to, input the information that want to send to and decide the when to send that signal, because the difference rotation(自转) and revolution(公转) of different planets may lead to the signal missing during the transmission. There are two stage in one level, first build the signal tower in different planets, and pay attention to the budget, and another structure is the temporary spaceship, which is fixed in the universe, easier for aiming, but more expensive. The second state is to send the signal from planets to planets. Be careful about the black hole, which will destroy and absorb the signal. What’s more, when the signal keep transmitting without entering the signal tower, the intensity will drop down, finally transmission failure.
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