Slow Flap

If you're looking for an apt description, it's FlappyBird meets PaperBoy ... [[ Keyboard and/or Xbox360 compatible; FLY: W key / A button, DROP: Spacebar / X button ]] ...otherwise: In the grim distance future of 1997, the 8th world war has left conventional methods of communication all but obliterated. The severely declining population of Carrier Brand Pidgeons has made the value and tales of these heroic creatures even more legendary. Build your Pidgeon Rep to new levels of mind blowing legacy by swiftly and accurately delivering messages and packages to the squalid masses below. Make things even MORE challenging by PLAYING WITH A FRIEND! (Step 1) Have a friend. (Step 2) Convince them to play a game about deliverying mail as a Pidgeon. (Step 3) Argue about the validity of using the archaic spelling of Pidgeon. (Step 4) Pop Dat Rep Younglin' ... our co-op high score was [74, Spencer & Josh].
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CODE - Upside down
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

De-Archivinate to a location of your choice.  Run "SlowFlap.exe".


Josh Hickey-Patriquin : Artist-Turned-Programming-Lead

Spencer Congdan : Programmer-Turned-Creative-Director-And-Graphic-Artist-Slash-Pidgeon-Animator

Tom Griffith : Audio and the breaking thereof

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