Skilled Memory

Memory game with a little bit of steroids... In this version, four cards have habilities like switch positions with the next card flipped(if miss) or get you the chance to flip one aditional card if you miss. Future versions will have more habilities and mechanics. Enjoy!
Jam year: 
META - Polyglot
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Python with some libraries for the UI
Installation Instructions: 

Para iniciar el juego hay que clickear el boton de "Play" en la botonera superior. Es importante no modificar NADA del código en el cuadro izquierdo para que el juego funcione correctamente.

You have to click in the Play button to start the game. Its important to not modify NOTHING in the code frame in the left side in order to allow the game to work properly