Signal Me

Players should divide into two teams. Objective of team A is to transmit a certain number of signals while team B is supposed to bug all transmission stations thus stopping team A to transmit from them. The winner is the first team to fulfill their assignment. Before the game begins, each player is given a dice to throw. Players keep those dices and during the game they throw one dice for the game itself. When dice is cast, you can choose one of the following options: A your dice B dice of the person on your left or right C the cast dice D you can exchange dices of people left and right from you The chosen dice decides the number of steps you can make on the boart in the direction you chose when the game began. You can't change your direction unless you step on a 'change your direction' tile. In order to transmit a signal, two players of team A must be in two different stations. If the other station is empty when you enter, you can wait in there for one turn for your teammate. One player can't transmit from one same station twice. In order to bug a station, team B must collect 'bugs' in shops positioned on the board.
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