Served is played with a group of atleast 4 people (6 is reccomended). The game is played on one android device (tablet reccomended) that is passed around. Served is a game of memory, teamwork, and a hidden traitor. Everyone is an italian cook and one person is secretly also a saboteur. The group is tasked with memorizing a lengthy list of pizza ingredients, and replicating it by putting the ingredients on the table. The game is won by the cooks if the pizza is prepared with all the recipe's ingredients. The game is won by the saboteur if there are incorrect or missing ingredients.
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Android device
Technology Notes: 
We used the LUA Love framework to make this game. To use this app, you need to download the LOVE app to your device from the playstore and then open the file on your device.

Sound not made by us:

Strange Italian Song by Juanitos

Mmmm! by Doggo_mcdoggo

Scrape - Palette knife by are_the

Chopping with knife by klankbeeld

Shutting wood drawer by visualasylum

Restaurant by Marnenagel

Kitchen Timer by maphill

Kitchen timer ticking by dawidwmika


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