Script Kitties

Earth is in turmoil! As the alien race of rats kidnap the humans of Earth to use as test subjects in their vile experiments, few stand in the way to stop them... But not all is lost. Luke the super-agent-cat can infiltrate and hack the transmission of the rodent robots. Use the kitty's high-tech PDA system to intercept signals, by clicking on the robots & obstacles. Use their technology against them! This is your mission. Stop the mad rat scientist! The fate of the Earth's denizens is in your hands!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Lead Programmer- Connor McHarney 

Character Designer/ Artist- Danica Simmons 

Enemy Designer/ Artist- Hannah Simmons

Colorist/ Background Artist- Kryssen Robinson

Sound Designer/ Composer- Zack Crozier

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