Running Teyze

The world is invaded by aliens, and a brave Teyze (Turkish word literally meaning aunt, used in common tongue to designate middle aged traditional housewives) is going to the Pazar (outdoor market), and transmitting food to her home. Go to the Pazar by avoiding / killing your enemies, buy stuff and return home safely Arrow keys : movement / aim Space: jump X: fire Terlik (slipper)
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
The game was written with my own engine, which I develop when I can. It currently only supports displaying sprites, and has a rough physics engine. Since it was the first time I tested the engine in another computer, there might be some scaling or other issues. I am uploading the non-engine part of the code, which is what I wrote for the jam.

Sinan Erez: Coding / Graphics

Fırat Alpaydın : Level Design / Graphics

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